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Sunday, October 8, 2017 - Sunday, October 8, 2017  
Coaching Days: Levels 3, 4 & 5 (4 days) (9 entries) 
Venue: Sevenoaks Primary School  
Event Type: Individual Training
Sunday, October 8, 2017 - Sunday, October 8, 2017  
Coaching Days: Levels 1&2 (2 day course) (4 entries) 
Venue: Sevenoaks Primary School  
Event Type: Individual Training
Sunday, October 15, 2017 - Sunday, October 15, 2017  
ECF SE Girls' Rapidplay Championships (19 entries) 
Venue: Bromley High School  
Event Type: Individual Tournament

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Saturday, September 16, 2017 - Saturday, September 16, 2017  
KJCA GP1 2017-18
Venue: Tonbridge Grammar  
Event Type: Individual Tournament
Sunday, June 4, 2017 - Sunday, June 4, 2017  
KJCA Grand Prix 8 2016/17 (Crosstabs)
Venue: Bromley High School  
Event Type: Individual Tournament
Sunday, May 14, 2017 - Sunday, May 14, 2017  
KJCA Grand Prix 7 2016/17 (Crosstabs)
Venue: Crofton Junior  
Event Type: Individual Tournament


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KJCA Kings Promoted to National Division 2

KJCA Kings: 4NCL Division 3 2011-12: Hinckley, Leicestershire.

Round 9 v North-East England: Saturday 5 May 2012;

Round 10 v AMCA Rhinos: Sunday 6 May 2012;

Round 11 v Cheddleton 2: Monday 7 May 2012.


The KJCA Kings team entered the final weekend of this season’s 4NCL campaign with its best ever chance of gaining one of the 4 promotion slots to the national Division 2. We went into the weekend as leaders of national Division 3 with only one team level with us (North-East England) on 14 match points (out of 16) but behind us on tie-break (sum of opponents’ match points) and one team one point behind  (AMCA Rhinos) and 3 further teams 2 points behind (Wessex, e2e4 2 and Anglian Avengers 2).


On the Saturday, we were drawn against our co-leaders, North-East England. We were slightly outgraded by an average of 66 points per board (FIDE) (ECF equivalent: 8 points). We knew that if we won, we would be in a strong position to win the division but that a draw would keep us on track for promotion. However, our opponents had not lost all season, so it was bound to be tough. The team gave a very determined display and kept the pressure on our opponents throughout. In the end, they just managed to hold out for a 3 – 3 draw after a 6-hour+ marathon effort by William Jones on board 3 to try to force a win in the final game.


This kept us at the top of the table, still ahead of North-East England on tie-break but with Wessex and e2e4 2, only one point behind. On the Sunday, we were drawn against AMCA Rhinos, who were now the only team 2 points behind us after losing on the Saturday. We were again slightly outgraded by an average of 37 points per board (FIDE) (ECF equivalent: 5 points). A draw would bring us very close to promotion; a win would make it almost certain. However, this turned out to be our only real off-day of the season. Although we did have a few chances, we were generally on the defensive and were left licking our wounds after a 1 – 5 defeat. 2 of our players suffered their first and only defeat of the season.


This left us in 3rd place going into the last day of the season behind Wessex and e2e4 2 by one point and ahead of North-East England and AMCA Rhinos only on tie-break. 2 other teams (Cheddleton 2 and Hackney) were one point behind us. This meant that, if we won, we would be promoted in second place at worst but would be top if the 2 leaders drew their last-day match against each other. A draw would mean relying on other results. We were drawn against Cheddleton 2 and realised immediately that our opponents would need to beat us to have a chance of promotion. Tactics were worked out and agreed and the team went in very determined. We were only marginally outgraded by an average of 7 points per board (FIDE) (ECF equivalent: 1 point). The team gave a very strong performance and were on top throughout. An early win by Robert Maguire on board 5 helped everyone to settle down. By the 1st time control, after 4 hours, a 4.5 – 0.5 winning advantage had been achieved and a draw was agreed in the final game to give us a resounding 5 – 1 victory and promotion to national Division 2.


e2e4 2 won the final match against Wessex to win national Division 3 with us one point behind ahead of North-East England on tie-break. Wessex claimed the last promotion place, one point further behind. Having missed out on promotion narrowly, during the final weekend, for the last 3 seasons, the team was extremely happy and relieved to achieve their longstanding goal. The whole squad should be very proud of their achievement. To reach the second tier of the national league is a superb effort, which has been gained by consistent displays by everyone to a very high standard. A continuation of these standards consistently next season should enable the team to become well-established in national Division 2.


Pride of place over the final weekend goes to Victor Jones, with 2 wins, and Francis Rayner, on his debut for the team, and William Jones, who both remained unbeaten in winning one game and drawing two.


The full team over the weekend, managed by Peter Bayliss, was as follows: 1) Victor Jones (Beths Grammar, Bexley and Lewisham CC); 2) Francis Rayner (Hastings & St. Leonard’s CC); 3) William Jones (Warwick University, Coventry and Lewisham CC); 4) Laurence Ball (Dartford & Swanley CC); 5) Robert Maguire (Sussex University, Brighton and Beckenham & Bromley CC); 6) Lyall Bayliss, Captain. The remainder of the squad over the season was: Andrew Green (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh and Edinburgh CC); Matthew Lunn (Durham University and Durham CC); Ankush Khandelwal (Warwick University); Dominic Foord (Oxford University and Willesden & Brent CC) and Laurence Jones (Lewisham CC).

EPSCA Under 9 Final

Many thanks to all the Kent children and parents who came along to the EPSCA U9 final held at the Malcolm Arnold Academy in Northampton. There was a fantastic team spirit and some superb chess was played by all.

Kent finished a credible 6th in the end, having regrouped and bounced back from a groggy start leaving us in 11thplace after round 1. The children showed good fighting spirit, scoring a resounding 9 out of 12 in round 2; a promising sign for future events to come as they continue to play chess and progress up through the age groups. There were some excellent performances by all the players and a full report will follow.

A huge thank you to the team managers, Rachel Gardner and Krishna Shiatis, and to GM Chris Ward our coach, all of whom put in a lot of hard work for this event and did an excellent job in bringing the team together and encouraging them on the day. 

A big thank you also to Northamptonshire, who as always provided a fantastic venue and put on a well organised and slick event.

In the end it was Barnet's day and many congratulations to them for winning the final, having led all the way from start to finish. Sussex were second with Wey Valley just a further 2 pts behind in third.

Final placings and scores were:

1 Barnet 30 points

2 Sussex 28.5 pts

3 Wey Valley 26.5 pts

4 Nottinghamshire 24 pts

5 Wiltshire 21.5 pts

6 Kent 19 pts

7= Buckinghamshire 18.5 pts

7= Berkshire 18.5 pts

9= Manchester 16.5 pts

9= Yorkshire 16.5 pts

11 Hertfordshire 16 pts

12 Northamptonshire 15.5 pts

13= Oxfordshire 15 pts

13= Richmond 15 pts

15 Oldham 12.5 pts

16 Essex 11.5 pts

17 Cheshire & North Wales 11 pts

18 Lancashire 8 pts

KJCA Kings: 4NCL Division 3 Match Reports

Round 7 v Hackney; Saturday 31 March 2012;

Round 8 v British Universities’ Chess Association; Sunday 1 April 2012.

The KJCA Kings team continued its 4NCL campaign with a fixture against Hackney. Both teams came into the match locked together in equal second place in the league with 2 other teams, just one point behind the leader. We marginally outgraded our opponents by an average of 5 points per board (FIDE) (ECF equivalent: 1 point). Like us, our opponents had only lost once so far this season, so we expected the match to be quite close. However, we proved too strong on the White boards, winning all three of these clashes quite quickly, and picking up another win and a draw with Black to gain an emphatic 4.5 – 1.5 victory. This was a very solid team performance.

The following day, we were drawn against the British Universities’ Chess Association. They had come into the weekend one point behind us in sixth place but, having lost on the Saturday, were now 3 points behind us. With our win on the Saturday, we were back to the top of the table, level on match points with 2 other teams. We again outgraded our opponents but by an average of 58 points per board (ECF equivalent: 7 points). This was the first time we had faced these opponents and we expected a tough match, albeit they have fielded a stronger team in some of their fixtures. Once again, we were too strong for them with White, again winning all three of these clashes quite quickly. Combined with a win and 2 draws with Black, this led to an impressive 5 – 1 victory.

This represented another excellent weekend for the team with the 4 match points gained moving us up to the top of the table, level with one other team on 14 match points (out of 16). There is one team one point behind and three more teams 2 points behind. With 4 teams to be promoted, it will be very hard for anyone outside this top 6 to move into the promotion places. It is clear that, having been close for the 3 previous seasons, the team goes into the final weekend with its best ever chance of promotion. Promotion is in our own hands and a couple more wins out of the final 3 matches will definitely be enough. Pride of place over this weekend goes to Dominic Foord and Matt Lunn, who won both their games.

The full team, in board order, managed by Peter Bayliss: 1) Victor Jones, Captain (Beths Grammar, Bexley and Lewisham CC); 2) Andrew Green (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh and Edinburgh CC); 3) William Jones (Warwick University, Coventry and Lewisham CC); 4) Dominic Foord (Oxford University and Willesden & Brent CC); 5) Matt Lunn (Durham University and Durham CC); 6) Robert Maguire (Sussex University, Brighton and Beckenham & Bromley CC).

Kent U14 win the SCCU Open event (report by Rohan Shiatis)

Team members: Rohan Shiatis, Girinath Haridas, Alexander Selway, Jackson Wen, Michael Gilbert, James Meredith, Anantha Anilkumar and Francesco Bernardini.

There is always that special story to tell with every hard fought victory. Every county and virtually every player will talk about that elusive half point that evaded them or that they managed to grind out through sheer obstinacy, or that victory which somehow turned to defeat or that win from a completely lost position. This tournament had it all and more.

The counties entered were Kent, Essex, Surrey, Berkshire and Sussex and excitement mounted as all counties were still within a shout of winning going into the last round.
Kent were equal first with Berkshire. Surrey were just a point behind and Essex a seemingly distant fourth. Then for Kent, three early losses in the last round started the heart racing. Perhaps it was not to be our day after all. Berkshire were out in front, but Essex were churning out win after win and were soon leading the way. Surrey were quietly creeping up in the background. Kent finally rallied with three successive wins and nosed themselves in front once more.

It came down to the last five boards playing. I watched anxiously as each game practically went the distance; with Kent locked in a must win game against a talented Berkshire player.

In order to lift the trophy, we needed the following to happen in 3 of the remaining 4 games: Essex to beat Berkshire, Surrey to beat Berkshire and Sussex to at least avoid a defeat against Essex.  Gradually, gradually the results started filtering through. Sussex got the draw we needed, Essex got the win we needed, Surrey the win against Berkshire and finally Kent the win which ensured we came out as Champions; based on number of wins after a three way tie on points with Surrey and Essex.

A thrilling and exciting finale!

All players played exceptionally well and for a team which were all under 12 playing in a under 14 tournament this was truly commendable. We were very proud to lift the trophies. A big well done to all the players and a thank you to the parents. Thank you to Sussex for hosting the event. A special thank you to Anil Anilkumar for organising the team and bringing everyone together.
Final points were:

Kent 13.5 (12 wins), Essex and Surrey 13.5 (10 wins), Berkshire 12 and Sussex 7.5.

Kent Wins Silver at EPSCA U9 Zonal

The KJCA Under 9 Team went to Essex yesterday (Saturday, 10th of March 2012) to do battle in the EPSCA U9 Zonal against our usual rivals (Barnet, Northants, Richmond, Herts, Essex and Cambridge). A full report is underway and will be posted here as soon as it is done, but for now I'd just like to share the news that we claimed the Silver medals! Well done to all our youngsters that tried so hard and refused to give up in the face of adversity. On to the finals we go and who knows what we'll achieve there. For any of the U9 team that left before the prize giving, don't worry, we have your medals safe and sound and will hand them out at the final if we don't see you before that.