Friends & Family

VenueRosemead Prep
Address70 Thurlow Park Rd, Dulwich, Kent, SE21 8HZ (map)
Start DateJanuary 26, 2014
Rules and RegsMail-in Registration Form
NotesThis is a fun event for all the family (and any friends you'd like to bring along).

The event is a team effort with the best under 14 score being added to the best over 14 score to get your total. You may have as many players as you like in your team so if your Granny and Granddad can move a rook, invite them along too!

There is only one section but don't worry, GM Chris Ward will arrange the pairings to make sure everyone has a fair chance regardless of their level.

The entry fee includes party food because this event has a party feeling; you get a discount for subsequent players, so sign up as many as you like. Note, if you really don't want to play but you'd like to come along and join the party anyway, we will take a £5.00 contribution to the food expenses on the door and then you can eat your fill!

Doors open at 9:30

First round starts at 10:00am

Prize Giving at 5:00pm (Est)

Five rounds with 40 minutes for each player

Do come along, this is the most fun contest of the year and your chance to play too.

Note: If you are an adult, just leave the School blank. Don't worry, we won't show your DOB or Age to anyone except you, but if you're still bashful, enter any date that would make you 18 or older at the beginning of this school year and you will show up as "Adult"


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Open (54 entries)
Date:  January 26, 2014
Rounds: 5  (30 minutes per round)
Tie Break Method: None