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Sunday, March 8, 2020 - Sunday, March 8, 2020  
KJCA GP6 2019-20 (Crosstabs)
Venue: Bishop Justus C of E   
Event Type: Individual Tournament
Sunday, February 16, 2020 - Sunday, February 16, 2020  
KJCA GP5 2019-20 (Crosstabs)
Venue: Sevenoaks School  
Event Type: Individual Tournament
Saturday, January 11, 2020 - Saturday, January 11, 2020  
KJCA GP4 2019-20 (Crosstabs)
Venue: The Cornwallis Academy  
Event Type: Individual Tournament


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Kent U12 win silver at NYCA Championship.

On Saturday, 9th November 2013, the Kent U12 team travelled to Telford for the NYCA national U12 championship.
Most of the team travelled together by train, where the children where able to relax, have fun, and cement a great team spirit (and the parents were able to have a natter as well).

The team went into the first round in great spirits and with good expectations, Kent being one of the favourites together with a very strong Sussex and a much improved South Wales team.
10.5 points out of 12 followed, with Kent holding a half a point lead after the first round, and a 1-1 result in the direct matches against Sussex.

Although we went into the second round full of hope to bring home the trophy, the harsh reality of chess hit us in the 2nd round, where a couple of blunders when in the lead meant we could only manage 5.5 points out of 12, and a 0.5-1.5 balance against Sussex.

Sussex were now in the lead with 19.5 points at this stage. We followed in 2nd place on 16, on the same points as South Wales.

At the beginning of the 3rd round we had a clear goal: beat Sussex in the 2 games we had against them, play our best and have fun!
An incredible team performance followed, with Aurideep and Freddie beating their Sussex opponents, Alex bringing home a very unlikely draw, and every single player playing their best chess; the team scored a fantastic 11 out of 12 points, with no defeats in the round.
Unfortunately for us, Sussex only lost against us, and won all their other games, scoring 10 points and taking home the trophy.
All in all we acquitted ourselves really well, outscoring the winners in two rounds out of three, and only a blip in the second round denied us first place. The children all had a great time and went home in great spirits and with a runner- up trophy to show for their efforts.

The final result was as follows:
Sussex 29.5
Kent 27
South Wales 23

Kent team, in board order:
Anantha Anilkumar, Francesco Bernardini, Freddie Hand, Alejandro Ito-Aramendia, Ximan Mao, Mikey Watson, Alex Thompson, Robert Akeya-Price, Ben Gardner, Aurideep Nayak, Rikin Parikh, Jacob Watson.

At the end of the tournament, as we had to nominate our best player for an extra trophy, it was decided to have a draw between Anantha, Francesco and Ximan, who all finished with a perfect score. Francesco was the lucky winner of the draw and got the best player prize!

Luca Bernardini
U12 Manager

Chris Ward's Family & Friends' Tournament

KJCA is pleased to announce its annual Friends & Family event will take place on:

26th January 2014, at Rosemead Prep, 70 Thurlow Park Rd, Dulwich, Kent, SE21 8HZ (map)

This is a fun event for all the family (and any friends you'd like to bring along).

The event is a team effort with the best under 14 score being added to the best over 14 score to get your total. You may have as many players as you like in your team so if your Granny and Granddad can move a rook, invite them along too!

There is only one section but don't worry, GM Chris Ward will arrange the pairings to make sure everyone has a fair chance regardless of their level.

The entry fee includes party food because this event has a party feeling; you get a discount for subsequent players, so sign up as many as you like. Note, if you really don't want to play but you'd like to come along and join the party anyway, for a modest contribution you can eat your fill!

Doors open at 9:30

First round starts at 10:00am

Prize Giving at 5:00pm (Est)

Five rounds with 40 minutes for each player

Do come along, this is the most fun contest of the year and your chance to play too. To regsiter, please follow this link:

Note: If you are an adult, just leave the School blank. Don't worry, we won't show your DOB or Age to anyone except you, but if you're still bashful, enter any date that would make you 18 or older at the beginning of this school year and you will show up as "Adult"



GP 2 Sevenoaks Primary School

The second GP of the 2013/14 season was held on Sunday 3rd November at Sevenoaks Primary School with 82 participants competing across four sections.

We were pleased to welcome so many children from all over the county, some playing in their very first tournament. A special mention goes to all the children from Claremont Primary School and Sevenoaks Primary School, who between them had 13 children at the event.

The top two for each section were:

U8: 1st  Anika Roy (6 / 6), 2nd Saahil Bansil (5 / 6),

U10: 1st equal Mikey Watson, Sri Nivasan Loganathan and Justus Genthe (5 / 6),

U12: 1st equal  Ximan Mao and Eoin O'Leary  (5 / 6),

U18: 1st equal  Raunak Rao, Anantha Anilkumar and Michael Green (4 / 5). This section included the U14s, 1st Ammar Kisat (3 / 5)

Full cross tables can be found on:

Current leaders of the GP tables after the first event are as follows:

U9: Alexander Levin

U11: Kiran Shiatis

U14: Anantha Anilkumar

U18: Raunak Rao

Primary School: Claremont Primary

Secondary School: St Olave's Grammar

Full GP tables can be found on:

Many thanks to Sevenoaks Primary for accommodating us and also a big thank you to all the parents who helped before and on the day.

Please note: Our third GP, will be held on the 1st February 2014 at St Olave's Grammar School. We also have our next Coaching Day on 30th November 2013 at Sandhurst Primary. As usual you can enter online and we hope to see many of you there.


KJCA is now on facebook!!!

We are pleased to annouce that the KJCA now has its very own facebook page.

For all the latest news on our events and achievements please "like" us on the following link:



KJCA Coaching Days

Our first Coaching day is fast approaching and we wanted to let you all know that we are again having two GM's coaching at Amherst School on Sunday 13th October.


You can register either online at or by emailing Sue Maguire at


The Kent Junior Chess Coaching Programme is one of the best in the country. It follows the Institute of Chess Scheme, which is the top, UK, chess coaching programme.  The courses are broad-based and lots of fun with classes to suit all, from novices to those teaching juniors in school or out-of-school chess clubs and for all those aspiring to the primary age county teams.


The dates and venues are as follows:

Sunday 13 October 2013: Amherst School, Witches Lane, Riverhead TN13 2AX.

Saturday 30 November 2013: Sandhurst Primary School, Rye Road, Sandhurst TN18 5JE.

Saturday 18 January 2014: Sevenoaks Primary School, Bradbourne Park Road, Sevenoaks, TN13 3LB.

Sunday 9 February 2014: Barming Primary School, Belmont Close, Barming ME16 9DY.


The timetable for each coaching day (approximate):

  • Introduction:                     9.45
  • 1st coaching session:   10.00~11.00
  • 2nd coaching session:  11.30~12.30
  • Lunch Break:              12.30~1.30
  • 3rd coaching session:    1.30~2.30
  • 4th coaching session:    3.00~4.00
  • Departure:                        4.15.

 We very much look forward to welcoming many of you there!