Institute of Chess Exam Results - spring 2023

The results achieved at the KJCA’s Institute of Chess examination session held at St. Edmund’s CE Primary School, West Kingsdown on Sunday 23 April 2023 (and an ancillary session on 12 March) were as listed below. The certificates will be presented at future KJCA events (other than to those who opted to have certificates mailed to them).

The KJCA would like to thank the coaches assisting with its Coaching Programme this season, who were: GM John Emms, GM Chris Ward, William Jones, FM Andy Mack, Deepa Mack, Joel Newman and Chris Rice.

Level 5:     3 candidates

DistinctionFreddie Freeman-Kerr; Kushal Jakhria; Shaoquan Shi

Level 4:     6 candidates

DistinctionVir Dixit; Tarun Ganesh; Matthew Helsby; Leon Liu; Shaoting Shi

 Pass:            Rohan Sandhu

 Level 3:      17 candidates

 Distinction:  Avni Ashok; Ksawery Bazan; Emily Carpenter; Isabelle Chen; Daniel Dupuis; Simon Hon; Aoife Lau; Imogen Lau; Leon Liu; Anoushka Sandhu; Isabella Shen; Maja Trifunovic; Jada Yuan

 Merit:           Tomas Alvarez-Salas; Aayat Lal; Aoife Ryan

 Pass:            Ronak Sandhu

 Level 2:      7 candidates          

100%:           Ethan Anish; Aedan Ryan

 Distinction:  Fleur Freeman-Kerr; Rupert Hulme; Aanyka Sandhu; Aidan Thompson; Angela Yuan

 Level 1:      2 candidates

 100%:           Kiaan Jakhria

 DistinctionYuxi Sheng

Many congratulations to everyone.


For those unable to sit their exams on training day 4, stay tuned here for announcements on alternative dates.

Next season’s KJCA Coaching Programme will begin in the autumn: details and entry forms will become available here in due course. We hope you will take the opportunity then to move up to the next Level.