GP7 at Chislehurst girls' school on Sunday 14th April

It was great to see everyone at GP7 which was held at Chislehurst Girls’ school on Sunday 14th April 2019. We hope everyone enjoyed both some great chess games and spending time with your friends. 

The prizewinners in each section were:

U9:  1st George Crawford (5.5 / 6),  there were three players on 5/6 so we had to use the buchholz tie-break method (sum of opponent’s scores) to determine placings as follows: 2nd  Tarun Ganesh, 3rd Lucas Oprea  and in 4th place just missing the trophy was Robert Welensky 

U11: In this section there was some strong chess matches played which resulted in four players getting a fantastic 5/6. Again using the buchholz tie-break method the placings were: 1st Aryan Gohil,  2nd Florian Brasch, 3rd Owen Xu and 4th Karl Peters.   

The U18 Minor and Major sections were combined on this occasion.  However, prizes were awarded separately as follows: 

U18 Minor: Equal first – Thomas Crawley-Boevey, Yifan Luo and Andrew McCleod.  (4/5) 

U18 Major: Equal first - Jacob Watson and Mikey Watson (4.5/5)

The best overall primary school (top 3 GP scores from pupils of that school) was Eltham College junior and the best overall secondary school (top 3 GP scores from pupils of that school) was St Olaves.  To see the full crosstables, please go to:

Well done to all the young chess players who came along, from experienced county players to those at their first chess tournament. 

It takes a lot of work and willing volunteers to organise a large and successful chess tournament.

Thanks go to Jo Wildman (ECF NA) for running the tournament director and arbiting. Also thank to Ganesh Swaminathan, Ben Luo, Patrick Burns and Deepak More for support and arbiting in the playing halls.  

Also working both before and at the event to ensure we could run a successful tournament were: Kathryn Woodward for liaising with the venue, helping with registration and bringing the catering supplies, Robert Hackman for storing and bringing along the equipment, Ilga Leimanis for organising and ordering the trophies and medals and Sumitra Varma for her technical help with the website and the online registration.

We also much appreciate everyone who helped on the catering stall throughout the dayAll those that take the time to do a shift are vital to ensure we can continue to provide drinks and refreshments at these events. 

KJCA is run by volunteers to develop chess opportunities for children and young people in Kent and South East London. 

Our work to support junior chess is only possible due to our volunteer helpers.  Please do consider offering some help by speaking to one of the team at our tournaments or contact us via or directly to Jo Wildman, current chair of the committee, on or 07583337307.

Finally, thanks go to Chislehurst Girls’ school for use of the fantastic venue and facilities and to their caretaker for all his help on the day.