U18 ECF minor teams

We fielded two teams in the U18 minor section of the ECF Championship held on 29th June 2014 at Wilson's School in Surrey.

Team A: Emily Green was on top board, with Ranesh Ratnesan, Alejandro Ito-Aramendia, Alex Thompson, Zeeshan Kisat, Navieinaah Haridas taking boards 2-6 for the first round. The team scored 2 hard earned points with the top two boards leading the way. Jacob Watson who was the reserve, had an excellent win in a graded friendly and was promoted to board 6 for round two. Emily and Jacob continued strongly and battled out two more wins in the second round and this was followed up with a good win from Zeeshan and a draw from Alejandro. The team managed 3.5 points from 6 in the second round and finished on 5.5 from the two rounds. This was a hugely credible performance but unfortunately not quite good enough to win them a prize.
Team B comprised Kartik Velayudham, Joelle Hakim, Rajeiv Ratnesan, Aurideep Nayak, Ammar Kisat and James Elgar on boards 1 to 6 and did well in the first round to finish with 2.5, with excellent wins from the bottom two boards and a draw from the top board. The pairings were tough in the second round but the team managed a draw from Aurideep against a much stronger player, a draw on board 3 by Rajeiv against our own Alejandro from team A and James Elgar drawing on board 6 to finish with 1.5 points and a total of 4 points.

Overall, it was an excellent performance by both teams playing against much older, hugely more experienced and generally higher graded players.