Help needed for Catering at GP Final

The KJCA is a non-profit making organisation run by volunteers and it needs your help keep it functioning!

There are many ways you can help, most requiring absolutely no knowledge of chess at all – our catering manager Samantha Metcalfe is looking for volunteer helpers for the GP Final – if you can offer an hour or two, the help would be much appreciated!

We rely heavily on our volunteers – without whom the costs of the tournaments and coaching days would rise, double or treble and we would be unable to deliver the structure and support to the children of Kent in the current cost effective manner.

Some examples of the current volunteering by our dedicated parents which takes place as you read:

  • sourcing and booking of venues
  • managing trophies, engraving and sourcing medals
  • catering and managing supplies
  • managing all our chess equipment
  • managing and updating our superb website and face book page
  • organising and managing our county teams
  • managing our tournaments, coaching days and running tournament director
  • sending grading reports post tournament to the ECF grading team
  • managing our online chesskid club
  • communications
  • marketing and promoting junior chess
  • secretary
  • managing the finances of the Association together with the large amount of administration which needs to happen
  • overall managing of operations
  • managing of the storage space (kindly donated free of charge by the President) to store the large amount of KJCA equipment we have

In fact the only people we pay are our coaches, who are professional chess trainers; some are titled players, who all very kindly assist at a hugely discounted rate. This ensures that we are providing all children with some of the best coaches in the country at an affordable cost, thus ensuring that the KJCA meets the needs of all children who want to play chess in Kent.

All monies from tournaments are invested straight back into Kent junior chess, to pay for tournaments, venues, ECF Grading, stock, KJCA teams, insurance, GM led coaching and prizes.

This association cannot function without its volunteers. They are parents with chess playing kids just like you and as their children grow up and move onwards, we need new parents to step up and take the reins, bringing with them new fresh ideas. No knowledge of chess is necessary, just a dedication and a desire to help chess in our community.

If you would like to help please contact Krishna at