Kent Junior Newsround Update no. 14

K.J.C.A. Friends and Family Tournament

26 / 1 / 2014

By Roving Reporter Ben Williams (aged 10 1/4)


On the 26th of January 2014, the Friends and Family Tournament was held at Rosemead school, organised by the Kent Junior Chess Association and GM Chris Ward.


I was in the AMAZIKIDZ team competing against many other teams!  Kiran, Rohan, Vishal, Krishna, Raakavi and Max were on my team.


I played 2 adults and 3 children resulting in 2 1/2 points, winning against the adults! Surprisingly I took part in one on the longest games at just over 45 minutes!


At the end of the day many prizes were awarded, including one for me which was for pointing out illegal moves. I was awarded a chess scorebook! The AMAZIKIDZ team won overall and will be awarded the trophy soon!


I would like to say thank you to GM Chris Ward and the rest of K.J.C.A. for making my day. It was a great fun tournament and I would recommend it to everyone for next year!