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Sunday, March 8, 2020 - Sunday, March 8, 2020  
KJCA GP6 2019-20 (Crosstabs)
Venue: Bishop Justus C of E   
Event Type: Individual Tournament
Sunday, February 16, 2020 - Sunday, February 16, 2020  
KJCA GP5 2019-20 (Crosstabs)
Venue: Sevenoaks School  
Event Type: Individual Tournament
Saturday, January 11, 2020 - Saturday, January 11, 2020  
KJCA GP4 2019-20 (Crosstabs)
Venue: The Cornwallis Academy  
Event Type: Individual Tournament


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2nd ECF SE Girls’ Rapidplay Championship - Sunday 25th November at Chislehurst school for girls

A one-day rapidplay Championships for girls on Sunday 25th November 2018 held at Chislehurst School for Girls, Beaverwood Road, Chislehurst, Kent BR7 6HE. Open to any girl chess players below the age of 18 on the 1st September 2018. Part of the English Youth Grand Prix

U8, U10, U12, U14, U15-U18
The winners of each age group receive the title of ECF South East Girls’ Rapidplay Champion 2018

  • Trophy and Title for first place in each age group. Medals and prizes for seconds and third place
  • Swiss Tournament (all players play every round)
  • ECF Rapidplay graded
  • Time control – all moves in 20 mins plus 10 secs per move
  • Refreshments will be available for purchase
  • ECF Junior Silver membership or higher is recommended for all players to play in the event. For those players who have never held ECF membership before, one year’s free Junior Silver membership is available via the online membership system here – (choose Junior Silver and the £5.00 fee will be discounted at the point of payment.
  • There will be a girl players only social room available between games with access to free light refreshments and social activities
  • Chief Arbiter & Controller – Jo Wildman, ECF NA, Emma Holmes KJCA, and other team TBC 

Opening move for Shreyas at round seven of the World Championships

Kent junior player, Shreyas Royal, was honoured to be asked to take the opening ceremonial move at round seven of the World Championship match between defending champion, Magnus Carlsen, and challenger, Fabiano Caruana.

The World Championship is the pinnacle of top level world chess and the event is currently being held at The College in Holborn, London. 

It is an intense battle of twelve standard play games over three weeks and then, if still equal, the match will go to rapidplay, blitz and eventually armageddon to decide who will be the world's top chess player for the next two years.

The two Super Grandmaster players are very close in grade and, so far, all the games have been extremely close with lots of tension and have resulted in draws.

As round seven began, Shreyas made the first ceremonial move for Magnus. Then, before the serious business of an intense chess match began, Shreyas was also delighted to get a large smile and a high-five from the defending champion.

When asked about the day, Shreyas said:

"It was a dream come true for me to be there and get lots of picture with Magnus and Fabiano at such an amazing event.  I also sat with GM Judit Polgar and IM Anna Rudolf to do some live commentary which was excellent.

"I met lots of other top players, arbiters, media and learned about the whole event and, of course, played a few games of chess.  It was a great experience and thanks to all for arranging".

GP3 at Bullers Wood on Sunday 18th November

We look forward to welcoming all our young chess players to the KJCA GP3 tournament this coming Sunday 18th November at Bullers Wood School.  

There will be four sections, U9, U11, U18 Minor and U18 Major.

The venue is: Bullers Wood School, St Nicolas Lane, Logs Hill, Chislehurst, Kent, BR7 5LJ.

Please note: There is unfortunately no parking space in the school grounds on this occasion.

However, alternative parking is available on the surrounding roads such as: Park Farm Road, Westleigh Drive, St George's Road or on the main road Chislehurst Road which is fine for parking on Sundays.

Please ensure you arrive with a little extra time to be able to park on one of these road and walk into the school grounds. 

KJCA will have parking attendants on hand to help, please do take their advise and act responsibly.  We appreciate that there are a lot of families attending this event,

If coming by public transport ,then Chislehurst train station is a 15 minute walk from the school.

If your young chess player is planning to come along and you haven't yet registered, please do so at

Institute of Chess results from CD2 - Congratulations to all

The results achieved at the KJCA’s Institute of Chess examination session held at Sevenoaks Primary School on Sunday 11 November 2018 are listed below.

Certificates will be presented during the afternoon of the KJCA GP3 tournament at Bullers Wood School, Chislehurst on Sunday 18 November 2018.

Level 3: Coaches – Adam Bukojemski and Alexis Harakis: 1 candidate

Distinction: Oscar Nowatschek

Level 2: Coaches – William Jones and Jacob Watson: 20 candidates

Distinction: Amar Adatia,  Ethan D’Souza, Freddie Freeman-Kerr, Johani Hackman, Joshua Hayhoe, Andy Lin, Gaurav Manikandan, Casper Nowatschek, Thomas Parker, Dylan Paterson

Merit: Max French, Edi Hackman, Marco Neri, Advait Pangare, Louka Yiasoumi, Laurence Yorke

Pass: Enzo Almasi, Hector Davis, Nicholas Miller, Luna Yi

Level 1: Coach – Mikey Watson: 5 candidates

100%: Aerin D’Souza, Ethan Hayhoe

Distinction: Anthony Lin, Dia Srivastava, William Whiteford

Many congratulations to everyone


Terrific turnout and quality chess at GP2

KJCA GP2 was held at Bishop Justus School on Sunday 21st October 2018.    


As our second London Junior Chess Championships (LJCC) qualifier of the season, we had a very high number of entrants with strong competition across the U8, U10 and U12 sections. 


The prizewinners were as follows:  

U8: 1st Sam Sundar (5/6 and tie break 23.5 ) 2nd Fabian Brasch  (5/6 and tie break 21), 3rd Emily Ashcroft (5/6 and tie break 20.5)

Qualifying for the LJCC U8: Lucas Oprea (also on 5/6 and getting the 4th place medal), Louka Yiasoumi, David Cazac, Yiwen Ding and Fillipos Aktselis.  


U10: 1st Raffi French (5.5/6 and tie break 23.5), 2nd Anuj Venkatesh (5.5/6 and tie break 22.5), 3rd Patrick Damodaran (5/6)

Also qualifying for the LJCC U10 Major: Devansch Strivastava, Nicas Lialiovici and Rohan Pesari.  

Qualifying for the LJCC U10 Minor: Kabir Ghosh, Reuben Bruce, Bhavik More, Amar Adatia, Vivan Obi, Aaran Avril, Sophia Wang, Laith Harb, Andy He, Ryan Nguyen, Arman Tengayev, Nikita Phillips, Violet Davies, Maxim Demin and Tarun Ganesh  

U12: 1st Sanjit Selva Kumar
, (6/6) 2nd Yong Gui Wang (5/6 and tie break 22), 3rd Danny Oprea (5/6 and tie break 19.5).  

Qualifying for the LJCC U12 Minor: Harry Chauhan, Amit Aryan Sanka, Teo Sauders, Mark Ludden, Amelia Rees, Tom Heard and Aayush Dewangan.


The U18 Minor and U18 Major were merged on this occasion, however separate prizes were awarded as follows:


U18 Minor: 1st Roxolana Chaban (3.5/5) 2nd equal Artemiy Shkuratovskyi, Lev Mann and Thomas Crawley-Boevey  (3/5)


U18 Major: 1st equal Jacob Watson and Mikey Watson (4.5/5), 3nd Eoin Moore (4/5)

The full crosstabs are at:


It was a fantastic turnout and the tournament ran very smoothly.  Well done to everyone who came along and competed.  We hope everyone enjoyed both some great chess games and spending time with your friends.  

As always lots of thanks for all those volunteers who give up their time to ensure we are able to put on these tournaments. Including:


Control & Arbiting teamJo Wildman (ECF NA), Gary Dorman and Tom Moore.


Results team: Ben Luo, Deepak More and Gary Titmuss.


GM Chris Ward for coming along to the tournament and his continued support, advice and encouragement to our Kent junior players and their families.


KJCA Secretary: Kathryn Woodward for booking and liaising with the venue, ordering the trophies and medals all other administration work behind the scenes and support throughout the day.


KJCA Treasurer: Emma Holmes for overseeing all the finances and payments and support in the playing hall on the day.


Equipment Manager: Guy Barton – for bringing along all the chess equipment, setting up and then taking away and storing at the end of the day.

Tournament Registration: Gary Dorman and Orla Dorman - for smooth check-in of all the players and dealing with queries and communications from parents and carers. 


KJCA is run by volunteers to develop chess opportunities for children and young people in Kent and South East London. We are always looking for helpers and it is great to see some new faces supporting our work, please do get in touch if you would like to help out.


Finally, thanks go to Bishop Justus School for use of the fantastic venue. Also to the school catering team for providing good quality refreshments and the caretaker for his help and support on the day.