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Sunday, March 8, 2020 - Sunday, March 8, 2020  
KJCA GP6 2019-20 (Crosstabs)
Venue: Bishop Justus C of E   
Event Type: Individual Tournament
Sunday, February 16, 2020 - Sunday, February 16, 2020  
KJCA GP5 2019-20 (Crosstabs)
Venue: Sevenoaks School  
Event Type: Individual Tournament
Saturday, January 11, 2020 - Saturday, January 11, 2020  
KJCA GP4 2019-20 (Crosstabs)
Venue: The Cornwallis Academy  
Event Type: Individual Tournament


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Winning Kent U9 team - EPSCA National Champions 2017

Congratulations to all the Kent U9 team for winning the 2017 EPSCA U9 Finals and becoming the National Champions for the second year running.

The finals were held at Nottingham high school on Saturday 22nd April.  Everyone knew it was going to be a long day, starting before 7am and including travels by road, rail, underground and even on a tram.

There were 18 teams who had qualified for the finals and the competition was tough.

Despite the long journey, the Kent team were ready to take on all opponents. All the young players lived up to expectations and were determined to build on the high standards set last year (when the team won the title with 33/36 points).

All started very well, with the team scoring an excellent 11/12 in both the first and second rounds. This meant that Kent went into the final third round with a 2.5 point lead over nearest rivals Wey Valley.

However, to everyone's delight, the improving pattern continued and our last round was a clean sweep – 12/12 - wins on all boards!

All the rounds had some close games which could have gone either way, but the Kent players kept their nerves, maintained focused, increased concentration levels and eventually managed an overall victory.
Our strong finish gave Kent a clear first place, leading the runners-up by 6.5 points.

The final scores were:

1st – Kent 34/36
2nd – Wey Valley 27.5/36
3rd equal - Warwickshire and Richmond 24.5/36

Congratulations also to the players who were on the reserve boards, they all played some quality chess and special mention for Yifan Luo, who won the reserve tournament.

The reserves also completed a clean sweep of 4/4 wins in the last round of the tournament complementing the 100% score across the whole team.

The full team were: Shreyas Royal, James Merriman, Shlok Verma, Stakhey Sedykh, Arthur Chikovsky, Dennis Dupuis, Roxolana Chaban, Herb Balaam, Nour Ajili, Aneesh Sagar, Ismail Longia Zaidi, Artemiy Shkuratovskyi, George Allen, Yifan Luo, Max Bell, Amit Aryan Sanka

Many thanks to our team manager, John Merriman and to GM Chris Ward and GM John Emms for their coaching, guidance and support throughout this season.

We also appreciate the efforts from all the parents and carers, who brought the children along to both the zonal and the final competitions and continuously support their chess.

With another great result from our U9 team, the future for these promising young players looks bright. Well done to everyone.

The full results can be viewed at:

Kent Under 11 Team Wins EPSCA Zonal

Congratulations to the Kent Under-11 team who won the EPSCA U11 Zone East, which took place on 18th March at Mount Grace School, Potters Bar.

Kent fielded a very young team that included many players who will still be eligible to play in future years. The tournament was played with an excellent spirit throughout and contained lots of high-quality and fighting chess.

The team started positively and seized an early lead by scoring an excellent 16½ points in the first round. The second round also went very well, with Kent scoring 16 points to increase their lead over their nearest rivals. The final round proved to be much closer between all the teams, but Kent’s tally of 13½ points was still the highest score of the round and it secured an overall victory.

Kent’s winning score was 46 points (from 60 games), Barnet came second with 41 points, and Cambridge came third with 36½ points. At the end a double success was celebrated, as Kent’s board 21-24 players also won the reserve section.

Kent’s winning team were: Shreyas Royal, Shlok Verma, James Merriman, Saahil Bansal, Lakshya Lokwani, Eoin Moore, Ciaran Brightley-Davies, Stakhey Sedykh, Arthur Chikovsky, Navieinaah Haridas, Dennis Dupuis, Dominic Coates, Theodore Panchev, Suriya Velayudham, Jai Chaturvedi Singh, Danny Oprea, Tyler Roberts, Aaron Dhillon, Iris Davies, Harry Chauhan, Dmitry Belousov, Evan Veitch, Roxolana Chaban and Geremia Gover.

Congratulations to all the Kent players for their success, a deserved reward for their hard work, focus, fighting spirit and positive attitude throughout.

Special thanks go to team manager, Robin Davies, for his organisation of the team before and during the event, to GM John Emms for his training and encouragement, and also to all the parents for their wonderful support.

Great performances at the EPSCA U11 Girls' Finals

Great performances at the EPSCA U11 Girls' Finals

On Saturday 26 March 2017, Kent's U11 Girls' team travelled to Orleans Park School in Twickenham for the EPSCA Girls' Final. 

Following a successful training day the previous Sunday run by GMs Chris Ward and John Emms, the team arrived in good spirits. 

However, the quality of the other 15 county teams was emphasised in the 1st round as Kent could only muster 5.5/12 (+ 3/4 in the Reserves) leaving us down in 10th place. 

Following an inspiring team talk and some much needed lunch, the team returned to the playing hall and secured a magnificent 8.5/12 in the 2nd round (although the Reserves struggled to 1/4). 

Even better was to follow, with Kent scoring 9.5/12 in the 3rd Round. This left Kent in 6th place, albeit only 1.5 points off the four counties that all tied for second position. Congratulations to the Sussex team who finished in a convincing first place.

Well done to All the Kent players who put in a fantastic effort to improve their scores in each round and played some great chess.  The reserves also had a good day and ended up in 3rd place in their tournament. 

The girls who played were: Navieinaah Haridas, Radha Ratnesan, Iris Davies, Roxolana Chaban, Samantha Mercer, Diya Choudhary, Neya Iyer, Eleanor Colesmith, Josie Marshall, Laura Holmes, Vaidehi Varma, Hollyann Reeves, Sanuvi  Amarakoon, Georgina Bruce, Anya Strivastava, Scarlet Watson

It is not fair to single out individuals as this was a real team performance where every player scored at least 1 point, but mention must go to Iris, Roxolana and Laura who all had perfect 3/3 records. 

Thanks, as ever, to GM Chris Ward for his inspiration and enthusiasm at the Final.  Also to Andrew Bruce, for his work as team manager and Taras Chaban, who was board steward on the day.

Top place for the U9 team at the EPSCA Zonal

Congratulations to all the players in the KJCA U9 team who came first in EPSCA Zonal tournament at Chingford in Essex  on 11th March 2017
Eight counties contested the event with the top five qualifying for the national finals, to be held in Nottingham in April. 
All the Kent team put in very strong performances through the day with lots of quality chess on offer. 

Team was very consistent scoring a strong 9.5 ,9 and 10 points in rounds 1,2 and 3 respectively for total score 28.5 points and an excellent  first place in the tournament.   

Richmond  were second (26 points), third were Essex (23), Hertfordshire  fourth (20.5) with Barnet fifth (19.5). 

The Kent reserve players also did very well winning the reserve tournament.
Big congratulations to all the young players who all put in a lot of effort to get such great results.
The winning team were:
Shreyas Royal, James Merriman, Shlok Verma, Stakhey Sedykh, Arthur Chikovsky, Denis Depuis , Raghav Vaidya, Nour Ajili, Herb Balaam, Ismail Longia Zaid, Roxolana Chaban, Aneesh Sagaar , Artemiy Shkuratovskyi, Xirui Mao, George Allen, Yifan Luo, Max Bell, Amit Aryan Sankha 
Finally thanks to all the parents and carers who brought our young players along to the tournament and supported the team.

GP6 Sucess at Tonbridge School

GP6 was held at Tonbridge School on Sunday 5th March 2017. The KJCA tournaments are getting very popular with lots of children and young people getting involved with chess. There were over 140 participants, both new and experienced players, across four age sections.  The prizewinners in each section were:

U9: 1st Daniel Shek (6/6), 2nd equal Xurui Mao, Aneesh Sagar, Lev Mann, Dylan Paterson and Matthew Mc Loughlin (5/6)

U11: 1st equal Abishekdev Ramesh and Lakshan Siddarth (5.5/6), third Alexander Hodgson (5/6),

The U18 Minor and U18 Major were merged on the day. However, separate prizes were awarded:

U18 Minor: 1st equal Ben Barton and Lakshya Lokwani (4/5), 3rd equal Stakhey Sedykh, Eoin Moore, Roshan Gurjar, Ansh Batura, Ciaran Brightley-Davies, Dennis Dupuis, Raghav Vaidya and Marius Kobler (3/5)

U18 Major: 1st Mikey Watson (5/5), 2nd Orla Dorman (4.5/5) 3rd equal Jacob Watson and James Merriman.

The best scoring primary school on the day (top three raw scores from pupils at that school) was Eltham College Junior and the best scoring secondary school was The Skinners’ School.

To see the full crosstabs from the tournament go to:

For more photos of the prizewinners and some general shots of the tournament please go to our facebook page at:

Well done to everyone who played, from experienced county players to those at their first chess tournament. We hope everyone enjoyed both some great chess games and spending time with your friends.

It takes a lot of work and willing volunteers to organise a large and successful chess tournament.
Thanks to Mikhail Sedykh for doing the Tournament Director and to GM John Emms and GM Chris Ward for coming along to support the tournament and help in the playing hall. Also arbiting and were John Merriman, Taras Chaban, Gary Titmus, Jo Wildman and Gary Dorman.   Also thanks to Conrad Allison for coming along and setting up a coaching desk where he went through games and offered lots of help and advice to the children.

Other kind volunteers on the day were: Kath Barton for bringing along the equipment, Emma Holmes for her role as treasurer and also organising the catering, Kathryn Woodward and Gary Dorman for registration and prizegiving, and ALL other parents and carers who helped with the catering stall on the day. Also thanks to Samantha Metcalfe who organised all the lovely trophies for the prizewinners.

KJCA is run by volunteers to develop chess opportunities for children and young people in Kent and South East London. If anyone is interested in helping at our tournaments or behind the scenes, please do get in touch. We are currently keen for some additional help with catering supplies and bringing to the venue. Please contact us via or directly to Jo Wildman, current chair of the committee, on or 07583337307.

Finally, thanks to Tonbridge School Events for use of the fantastic venue and facilities, and also to Irene and Marie for all there help with the prior arrangements and organisation.