KJCA Terms and Conditions

KJCA is a volunteer organisation that exists to promote Chess in Kent's youth communities. As a member, you are expected to act in accordance with this mission. In turn, KJCA will do everything it can to provide opportunities to learn and play chess for you and your family.

In an attempt to make our events and information more accessible, KJCA has developed this website and welcomes you to set up a user account on it to gain access to online registration, look up venue information, view online player results and many other facilities. Please keep your password safe.

Use of Data

KJCA will upload such data as is reasonable to ensure the smooth running of events and to share player performance. KJCA will not share any personal contact information you enter with any parties outside of KJCA except where expressly required in order to enter you or your family for events that you have requested that we enter you for. Performance information regarding games played at KJCA events will be displayed on the KJCA website and you may be contacted by KJCA staff for such purposes as offering you or your family a position on one of KJCA's Squads or notifying you of upcoming events. We will never use this information for any purposes not related to our mission, nor will we sell or transfer our contact lists to any other third party.

Accuracy of Data

We take our responsibilities seriously and will always strive to ensure that all information shown on the KJCA website is accurate and complete. Mistakes do happen however and KJCA can accept no liability for any losses or damages incurred by the use of information shown on this site that turns out to be inaccurate. If you do spot errors in our records, please do let us know at webmaster@kjca.org and we will rectify it as soon as is reasonably possible.