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Sunday, March 8, 2020 - Sunday, March 8, 2020  
KJCA GP6 2019-20 (Crosstabs)
Venue: Bishop Justus C of E   
Event Type: Individual Tournament
Sunday, February 16, 2020 - Sunday, February 16, 2020  
KJCA GP5 2019-20 (Crosstabs)
Venue: Sevenoaks School  
Event Type: Individual Tournament
Saturday, January 11, 2020 - Saturday, January 11, 2020  
KJCA GP4 2019-20 (Crosstabs)
Venue: The Cornwallis Academy  
Event Type: Individual Tournament


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Under 18 ECF County Championship

Our Kent under 18 (open) Team ventured to the outskirts of Surrey on Sunday 29th June, to take part in the 2014 ECF Chess Championship. This year was always going to be tough, as we had lost several strong players over the last couple of years. In fact, this time round half our team were under 14s, so this was going to be challenging for those youngsters who were likely to be permanent players in our under 18 teams for years to come.

Round 1 saw us up against the eventual joint winner (Sussex) on 3 boards, from which we could only salvage half a point. However, we still pulled off a respectable 7 points out of 12 and going into Round 2, we were in fourth place, behind Herts, Sussex and Middlesex ‘A’ teams.

In Round 2, we had 3 board pairings against the other joint winner (Hertfordshire) but this time, came away with one and half points. Although we battled hard to score 6.5 points in this round, Middlesex A scored 0.5 fewer points and as a result finished in joint 4th place.

This was a valiant effort from all players and one that maintains our top 4 position in an Under 18 Open County Tournament for the past 5 years (or more).

Final Results were as follows:

Sussex 17, Herts 17, Middlesex (A) 14.5, Kent 13.5, Surrey (A) 13.5, Surrey (B) 10, Berkshire 9, Manchester 7.5, Middlesex (B) 7.

Congratulations to all our players, who were, in board order,

Patrick Smith  (Judd School)

Arul Gupta (Eltham College)

Yasmin Giles (Newstead Wood School)

Rohan Bansal (Dulwich College)

Girinath Haridas (Dulwich College)

Freddie Hand (Cage Green Primary)

Anantha Anilkumar (St Olave’s School)

Raunak Rao (St Olave’s School)

Gautham Reddiar  (Eltham College)

Michael Green (Simon Langton Boy’s School)

Francesco Bernadini (Trinity School)

Ximan Mao (Tubbenden School)

Tony Rao

Under 18 (Open) Team Manager

Help needed for Catering at GP Final

The KJCA is a non-profit making organisation run by volunteers and it needs your help keep it functioning!

There are many ways you can help, most requiring absolutely no knowledge of chess at all – our catering manager Samantha Metcalfe is looking for volunteer helpers for the GP Final – if you can offer an hour or two, the help would be much appreciated!

We rely heavily on our volunteers – without whom the costs of the tournaments and coaching days would rise, double or treble and we would be unable to deliver the structure and support to the children of Kent in the current cost effective manner.

Some examples of the current volunteering by our dedicated parents which takes place as you read:

  • sourcing and booking of venues
  • managing trophies, engraving and sourcing medals
  • catering and managing supplies
  • managing all our chess equipment
  • managing and updating our superb website and face book page
  • organising and managing our county teams
  • managing our tournaments, coaching days and running tournament director
  • sending grading reports post tournament to the ECF grading team
  • managing our online chesskid club
  • communications
  • marketing and promoting junior chess
  • secretary
  • managing the finances of the Association together with the large amount of administration which needs to happen
  • overall managing of operations
  • managing of the storage space (kindly donated free of charge by the President) to store the large amount of KJCA equipment we have

In fact the only people we pay are our coaches, who are professional chess trainers; some are titled players, who all very kindly assist at a hugely discounted rate. This ensures that we are providing all children with some of the best coaches in the country at an affordable cost, thus ensuring that the KJCA meets the needs of all children who want to play chess in Kent.

All monies from tournaments are invested straight back into Kent junior chess, to pay for tournaments, venues, ECF Grading, stock, KJCA teams, insurance, GM led coaching and prizes.

This association cannot function without its volunteers. They are parents with chess playing kids just like you and as their children grow up and move onwards, we need new parents to step up and take the reins, bringing with them new fresh ideas. No knowledge of chess is necessary, just a dedication and a desire to help chess in our community.

If you would like to help please contact Krishna at

Chesskid Gold Membership 2014/15

Dear Parents,

As the school year draws to a close, so too is our first year of
Chesskid Gold Membership. This expires on 16th July 2014; but not all good things come to an end. Due to the high demand and the success we have had for Chesskids, we will be renewing this for another year.

Gold Membership gives children full unrestricted access to all the Chesskid premium features, including on-line lessons, instructional videos, chess puzzles, training positions (where you can practice recurring important positions against the computer), unlimited tournaments and lifetime game archive. Children can also play on-line against their Kent friends and take part in closed on-line tournaments, which take place all year round. (See more detail on what Gold Membership can give you below).

Over the past year we have noted that the children who have been more active using these Chesskid features are also the ones who have generally made the most progress in their KJCA tournaments.

Gold Memberships, if purchased individually from, would normally costs $50, but we have once again managed to negotiate the same
special price as last year for the KJCA of £10 per child which gives you membership for the whole year to July 2015.

To renew or purchase a new Membership, please go to the event section on the right sidebar and complete the purchase of Chesskid Membership 2014/15 or follow this link:

Please renew before the 11th July 2014 to ensure uninterrupted access to Chesskid.

New Memberships will start on the 17th July 2014. 

Please do not forget to renew. On this same date, all the current memberships which haven’t been renewed will unfortunately cease to exist.

We look forward to welcoming you all to another year at Chesskid.


Kings Place Chess Festival - 14th June 2014

Many of our Kent Juniors participated in the Kings Place Chess Festival on Saturday June the 14th which is a FIDE rated rapid play tournament comprising four sections; Open, Major U170, Minor U145 and Amateur U120.

There were many strong performances from all. 

Well done particularly to Anantha Anilkumar who finished second in U170 section, scoring 4.5 points from 6 and ending the day undefeated and to Girinath Haridas who played in the Open section, mixing it with Grand Masters and IMs and finishing with a highly credible 3 out of 6. 

There were also good results from Freddie Hand who played in the U170 section, Ximan Mao and Robert Akeya-Price who both played in the U145 section, and Danyal Warsop and Mikayel Suvaryan who both played in the U120 section.

One of the highlights of the day was the live running commentary of the tournament by our very own chief coach, GM Chris Ward. Chris's commentary not only managed to keep up with the pace of the rapid play across many boards but was filled with many hilarious and witty anecdotes making it a joy for all to listen to. 

Congratulations to GM Matthew Sadler who won the Open section whilst finding the time to talk through each of his rounds with Chris, which was very informative.

Full results can be found on the following link:

Many thanks to all at the Kings Place Chess Festival for putting on such a superb event.


Unclaimed Institute of Chess Certificates

We are holding a number of unclaimed Institute of Chess Certificates.

Please can you e-mail the KJCA if your name is below so we can arrange collection of your certificate. If you know anyone on the list, please can you ask them to get in touch asap –

The next possible collection point is the next Kent GP – which is the final at Newstead Wood School on Saturday 5th July. We would love to see you all playing there!

  • Madhav Suraj - Level 3
  • Nell Grabham - Level 1
  • Joe Grabham - Level 1
  • Morgan Yu - Level 2
  • Kevin Wu - Level 2
  • Edward Woollett - Level 3
  • Chloe Sng - Level 1
  • Matthew Sng - Level 1
  • Anu Shankar - Level 4
  • Richard Moulange - Level 4
  • James Proaspatu - Level 3
  • Oliver Meredith - Level 3
  • William Meredith - Level 3
  • James Meredith - Level 4
  • Lewis Pulsford - Level 2
  • Lara-Louise Gough - Level 2
  • Zeeshan Kisat - Level 4
  • Ammar Kisat - Level 4
  • Daniel Barton - Level 1
  • Ben Barton - Level 2
  • Harry Houillon - Level 3
  • Rohan Datta - Level 5
  • Manal Pandey - Level 2
  • Jasper Maughan - Level 2
  • Deji Joseph - Level 2
  • Harry Cheng - Level 2
  • Sofia Winchester - Level 1
  • Anya Srivastava - Level 1
  • Meenaxi Suraj - Level 2
  • Michael Stringer - Level 2
  • Ira Dubey - Level 2
  • Shazia Khan-Bourne - Level 3
  • Luca Ricci - Level 2
  • Aditya Chaurasia - Level 2