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Sunday, March 8, 2020 - Sunday, March 8, 2020  
KJCA GP6 2019-20 (Crosstabs)
Venue: Bishop Justus C of E   
Event Type: Individual Tournament
Sunday, February 16, 2020 - Sunday, February 16, 2020  
KJCA GP5 2019-20 (Crosstabs)
Venue: Sevenoaks School  
Event Type: Individual Tournament
Saturday, January 11, 2020 - Saturday, January 11, 2020  
KJCA GP4 2019-20 (Crosstabs)
Venue: The Cornwallis Academy  
Event Type: Individual Tournament


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Institute of Chess Exam - November 2015

The results achieved at the KJCA’s Institute of Chess exam session, held at Sevenoaks Primary School on Sunday 8 November 2015 are listed below.

The certificates will be presented during the afternoon of the KJCA Family Tournament at Rosemead School, Dulwich on Sunday 20 December 2015.

Level 2: Coaches Rob Maguire and Matt Lunn: 19 candidates


Danny Oprea


Sanuvi Amarakoon

Angad Arya

Arjun Arya

Zeno Burns

Egor Chernyshov

Thomas Claridge

William Claridge

Toby Horner

Adam Sameen

Raghav Vaidya


James Conway

Ethan Patel

Sachin Subbiah


Abhigyan Bagchi

Roxolana Chaban

Alisha Patel

Manav Suraj

Lucas Yin

Many congratulations to everyone.

British Rapidplay

Well done to the four Kent Juniors who travelled up to Leeds over the Halloween weekend to take part in the British Rapidplay tournament.

Charlie Metcalfe and Saahil Bansal both played in the U11 trial qualifier on the Saturday and and Charlie played in the U12 event on the Sunday.Jacob and Mikey Watson both played in the main tournament.

Jacob played in the intermediate section (U145) and also got 6½/11 which secured him a grading prize and also a half-norm for the national junior chess squad. Mikey played in the major (U170) section and got 6½/11 points with some good wins against higher graded adults.

Simul with GM John Emms

Once again a huge thank you to Grandmaster (GM) John Emms, for taking on the enthusiastic ACES Sevenoaks students in two simultaneous exhibitions on 15 and 22 October 2015.

Many of the children put up some stiff opposition, but none more so than Alex Thompson (aged 13, from The Judd) and Kiran Shiatis KCM (aged 11, from The Judd) who both managed to emerge with hard fought draws. The GM, however, retained his overall unbeaten record!

Well done once again to all who participated and for putting many of their chess skills into practice. Thank you also to Rohan Shiatis KCM for all his help.

First class chess at GP2 - held at Skinners' School, Tunbridge Wells

Thanks to all players, parents and carers who came along to GP2, which was held on Sunday 18th October at Skinners' School in Tunbridge Wells.

This event is also a London Junior qualifier for those in the U8, U10 and U12 sections. Players who achieved 4.5 points or more in the U10 and U12 (4 in the U8)qualify for the major finals, whilst those getting 3.5 or 4 qualify for the minor.

The top three in each section were as follows:

U8:  1st Antonio Valentin Peno (6/6), 2nd Raghav Vaidya (5/6) and 3rd equal Zeno Burns, George Allen and Matthew McLoughlin (4/6) 

U10: 1st Shreyas Royal (6/6), 2nd equal Yong Gui Wang and Sedykh Stakhey (5/6)

U12: 1st Nilomi Desai (6/6), 2nd Kaya Batuhan (5/6) and 3rd equal Efe Shimwell and David Dallakyan (4.5/6)

U14 (merged with the U18s): 1st Charlie Metcalfe (3.5/5), 2nd equal Aurideep Nayak and Orla Dorman (3/5)

U18: 1st Anantha Anilkumar (4.5/5), 2nd equal Mikey Watson, Jacob Watson and Ximan Mao (3.5/5).

The best scoring primary school on the day (top three raw scores from pupils at that school) was Claremont Primary and the best scoring secondary school was Knole Academy.

Well done to everyone who played. We hope you all enjoyed the day and look forward to welcoming you to more of the KJCA tournaments throughout the season.

A big thank you to all the organisers and volunteers who ensured that the day ran smoothly and to Skinners' school for the use of their venue.

The next tournament, GP3, will be at Gravesend Grammar on Sunday 15th November. Please try to register early on the KJCA website, as it is a big help with organisation and allows the day to start on time and run smoothly. 

Please go to the event page to register:


KJCA AGM - 8th November 2015


Kent Junior Chess Association, Annual General Meeting
Sunday, 8th November 2015 at 12 noon
At: Sevenoaks Primary School, Bradbourne Park Road, Sevenoaks, Kent

KJCA is pleased to invite and welcome all to its Annual General Meeting which will be held on the 8th November 2015, during training day 2 at Sevenoaks Primary School. 

The KJCA provides first class regular competitions and training days across Kent which are the envy of all other counties throughout the UK. It also has a long and proud history of success at its county team events, winning many national titles across all junior age groups. Many Kent players go on to achieve great individual success at National events such as the British Chess Championships held every summer and also through representing England at International  tournaments such as the Worlds and the Europeans (see our Roll of Honour page:

The KJCA is run through the dedication of a few parents just like you. We not only need to hear your voice in order to update and improve our services, but we also need more volunteers to help run the organisation and to help continue the KJCA success for many more years to come. If you are able to give some of your time, even if it is just for a few hours at the various KJCA events, please let us know. You do not necessarily need to know anything about chess.

Come along to the AGM to find out more. All are welcome.