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Sunday, July 3, 2022 - Sunday, July 3, 2022  
KJCA July 2022 Tournament (2 entries) 
Venue: Bishop Justus C of E   
Event Type: Individual Tournament

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Sunday, March 8, 2020 - Sunday, March 8, 2020  
KJCA GP6 2019-20 (Crosstabs)
Venue: Bishop Justus C of E   
Event Type: Individual Tournament
Sunday, February 16, 2020 - Sunday, February 16, 2020  
KJCA GP5 2019-20 (Crosstabs)
Venue: Sevenoaks School  
Event Type: Individual Tournament
Saturday, January 11, 2020 - Saturday, January 11, 2020  
KJCA GP4 2019-20 (Crosstabs)
Venue: The Cornwallis Academy  
Event Type: Individual Tournament


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Kent juniors shine at the South of England Championships

The South of England Championships were held at Yateley Manor school over the weekend of 30-31st January 2016. Several Kent juniors took part and had some great results.

The championship is divided into open sections for all players and closed sections that are invitation only.

In the U16 closed section, Girinath Haridas finished joint second with 3.5/5. He lost his first round, but managed to do well to win the next three.

Jacob Watson also competed in the U16 closed section and has now been selected to the National Junior chess squad based on his performance at this tournament and the earlier British rapidplay in Leeds.

In the U14 closed championship, Anantha Anilkumar achieved 4/5 with two draws and three wins. He was the joint winner with two others, however was awarded the championship trophy based on
his better progressive score.

In the U12 closed, Aditya Verma finished joint second with 3.5/5, three draws and two wins.

Karthik Velayudham, Francesco Bernardini and Mikey Watson, all National Junior Chess Squad members, played in the under 16, 14 and 12 closed section respectively.

In the U13/15 open, Ximan Mao was the outright winner with 4.5/5 and Aurideep Nayak finished on 3.5/5.

In the U11 open, Bobby Akeya-Price finished joint second with 4/5. Charlie Metcalfe, Ciaran Brightley-Davies and David Dallakyan also played in this section.

Suriya Velayudham and Stakhey Sedykh both played in the U9 section and got great results of 4/6.

The most exciting sections were the young U7 and U8 players, it is fantastic to see so many promising Kent players performing well.
Shreyas Royal won the U7 open with a perfect score of 6/6 and Shlok Verma finished second with 5/6.

Both Shreyas and Shlok did equally well in the U8 section, along with James Merriman. They all finished joint first with 5/6. James was awarded the championship trophy based on his progressive scores.

Scarlet Watson and Zeno Burns both played in the U7 section, and Xirui Mao and Yacine El Bachir played in the U8. All these young players did well on their debuts at the South of England Championship.

To see the results and overall crosstabs go to:

Overall a very good weekend for Kent juniors, well done to everyone who competed.

GP5 at Dulwich College - next Sunday 7th February

Looking forward to welcoming lots of young chess players to our GP5 tournament, which will be held next weekend, Sunday 7th February 2016 at Dulwich College Senior.

We are expected large numbers of players, especially in the U9 and U11 sections. Therefore to guarantee your child's place, please register and pay online on the KJCA website as soon as possible.  Number of players will be capped if the sections go above manageable numbers.

The event page is

Early registration of all players is crucial for the organisation of a larger tournament, so that initial pairings can be sorted smoothly, and enable the rounds to start on time.

Also, please note that the KJCA catering will be severely reduced at this event

We do hope to be able to provide some hot drinks and cookies, however this is only if there are enough volunteers to serve drinks and look after the urn and equipment. We are unable to provide pizzas and other snacks at the moment, as there are no volunteers to buy and bring the supplies on this occasion. 

If anyone is able to offer their help with this, or can do an hour or so at the catering stall, please do contact, as soon as possible. If we have a small team of people then perhaps a catering rota can be organised for this and future tournaments.

GP4 at Cornwallis Academy

Thanks to all players, parents and carers who came along to GP4, which was held on Sunday 17th January 2016  at the Cornwallis Academy in Maidstone.

The top three in each section were as follows:

U9: 1st Theo Lawson with a perfect score ( 6/6),  2nd Lucas Downing (5/6), 3rd equal Arthur Chikovsky, El-Bachir Yacine and Arjun Jadhav (4.5/6)

U11: 1st Jack Chaudhury (5.5/6), 2nd equal Kimball Catling, Dominic Coates, Shlok Verma and Lakshya Lokwani (4.5/6)

U14: 1st  Charlie Metcalfe (4.5/5), 2nd James Merriman (4/5) and 3rd equal Viktor Jamroz, Ciaran Brighley-Davies and Shreyas Royal (3.5/5)

U18: 1st equal Francesco Bernadini and Anantha Anilkumar (4/5),  3rd Aurideep Nayak (3.5/5)

The best scoring primary school on the day (top three raw scores from pupils at that school) was Claremont Primary  and the best scoring secondary school was St Olaves Grammar.

We are currently having a few technical issues with the website photos, so for more photos of the prizewinners, please see our facebook page at

Well done to everyone who played, it was great to see lots of new, young players enjoying their chess and making friends. We look forward to welcoming you to more of the KJCA tournaments throughout the season. 

A big thank you to all the organisers and volunteers who ensured that the day ran smoothly and to the Cornwallis Academy for use of their school.

Please remember that KJCA is run by volunteers to ensure all our children enjoy local chess opportunities and tournaments. We are always looking for more help, particularly with catering, equipment and setting up tournaments. If you would like to get involved, please do contact, or speak to one of the helpers at the next event, and we can chat about how you can be part of our team.

The next KJCA tournament is GP5 on  Sunday 7th February 2016 at Dulwich College Senior. As this is at a large London school, the Dulwich GP is often over-subscribed.

To guarantee your place, please register early on the KJCA website.  It is a big help with organisation and allows the day to start on time and run smoothly, go to the event page which is

Top results for the Kent teams at the Junior 4NCL

The second Junior 4NCL weekend was held at the Park Inn Hotel, Birmingham over the 9-10th January 2016. The J4NCL is a team event, with five rounds of standard play chess over the weekend.
As usual, the standard of chess was high and there was lots of friendly rivalry among teams from around the country.

Well deserved congratulations to the Kent Kestrels who achieved a great result by winning division one with a decisive two point lead over the other teams.

The Kestrels team are: Mikey Watson, Jacob Watson, Alejandro Ito-Aramendia and Aurideep Nayak.

Also playing very well and chasing the silverware were the younger Kent team, the Desert Penguins, who played in division two and finished the competition in second place.

The Penguins are: Aadarsh Saravanan, Ciaran Brightley-Davies, Stakhey Sedykh, Arthur Chikovsky and Saahil Bansal.

Scarlet Watson was also at the tournament supporting the teams and playing some friendly reserve games.

Thanks to all the parents who brought their kids along for the weekend.

Also thanks to the organisers and arbiters at the J4NCL for another high quality and fun tournament. All the Kent players enjoyed some great chess, meeting up with friends from other areas, and being in a hotel with good facilities and a swimming pool.

To look at the individual results and for more details about the J4NCL, go to

The final J4NCL weekend for this season will be on the 12-13 March 2016, again at the Park Inn Hotel in Birmingham. If any other Kent players are interested in further details, please contact

Kent Juniors at the Hastings International Congress

Well done to the Kent juniors who travelled down to the seaside town of Hastings to take part in the 91st Hastings International Chess Congress over the christmas and new year holidays.

The main section, the Hastings Masters, is a prestigious event in the chess calendar for adult players. It consists of 9 round FIDE rated long-play games and is held over 9 days. It attracts the best players in the country and beyond and there were forty titled players in the field.

Freddie Hand, played in this section, and scored a fantastic 4.5/9. He played some quality chess at such a high level, including draws with a fide masters in the first and eighth round.

Kent juniors also played in the weekend competitions.

Congratulations to Charlie Metcalfe who played some great chess in the weekend U120 section and ended the tournament in joint 1st place on a score of 4/5 from three wins and two draws against higher rated players.

Other Kent juniors played over the weekend were Ranesh Ratnesan and Aditya Verma who competed the Major section, getting 2.5/5 and 2/5 respectively.

Also playing in the U120 section were Alex Garfield and Shlok Verma who both scored 2.5/5. Radha Ratnesan played the first day and won one game. Radha Ratnesan played the first day and won one game.

Great chess from all our promising young players.