Coaching Days 2018-19

VenueSevenoaks Primary School
AddressBradbourne Park Road, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13 3LB (map)
Start DateOctober 7, 2018
End DateFebruary 24, 2019
NotesWelcome to the KJCA coaching days… 

In order to understand our set-up better, feel free to check out the Coaching FAQs under the ‘training’ tab. Please note then that levels 3-5 are 4 day courses. Ideal is that you attend all 4 days but barring extenuating circumstances we tend to insist that you make at least 3 of the days before sitting the exam at the end of the course. This is because we want everyone sufficiently prepared and hence to pass! 

The exam (charge covered in the cost of the course) is sat in the final session of day 4 but is NOT compulsory for those feeling inadequately prepared or over-anxious. There will be additional date laid on for sitting of the exams but do remember that whilst acquiring certificates is nice, the main aim of our coaching days is to teach topics that will help raise the standard of play. 

Levels 1 and 2 are two day courses where children are assessed in their first session to check they are in an appropriate levelled group. For the complete course, to fit in with your own diary, you can select a choice of either CD1 & CD2, CD3 & CD4 or CD1 & CD4. Many newcomers complete level 1 on the first two coaching days and then level 2 on CDs 3 and 4. 

Note that youngsters will have assistance with test taking and please remember that we neither want anyone wasting time being taught material that they already fully understand nor have anyone struggling to comprehend material and not enjoying the days as a result. 

Our coaching courses are extremely good value but if you merely want to trial 1 day then select the appropriate single day coaching for your desired day. 

As soon as you have registered, the enrolled name should appear on our attendance register. 

Coaching Days will take place at Sevenoaks County Primary, Bradbourne Rd, Sevenoaks, Kent. TN13 3LB with the dates for coaching this season being:  
Coaching Day 1: Sunday 7th October
Coaching Day 2: Sunday 11th November
Coaching Day 3: Sunday 20th January
Coaching Day 4: Sunday 24th February

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