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KJCA OTB Tournaments are back ..... Eltham College tournament - May 2022

NEWSFLASH - KJCA OVER THE BOARD TOURNAMENTS ARE BACK ! - Come along, play some over the board chess and catch up with your chess friends .......
KJCA May OTB Tournament 2022 - Saturday 28th May 2022
Eltham College, Grove Park Road Mottingham London SE9 4QF
Six Round Rapidplay Tournament - 20+5
ECF rated: U9, U11, U18 Minor, U18 Major
Details and Online Entry at: | Congress Org UK

KJCA Online - Monthly Rapidplay Tournaments on

KJCA have set up monthly online Swiss Rapidplay tournaments on

They will be five rounds and the game timings are 10+5.

There are two sections:
OPEN (for anyone who want to play in this section - all standards)
U100 (roughly under ECF grade 100 - so ideal for beginners and improvers)
The Rapidplays will take place on the first Sunday of each month, starting at 2pm.

Sunday 7th February 2021, Sunday 7th March 2021, Sunday 4th April 2021, Sunday 2nd May 2021, Sunday 6th June 2021.

These online events take place on To take part the young players must be a member of the KJCA Team on lichess.
To become a member: Create a account and then logon and go to: and request to join the team.
(When requesting please add a note with your name so that we know who wants to join. The KJCA team is closed and we only allow U18 from the Kent area - i,e live, go to school, previously went to our tournaments etc.)

PLEASE NOTE: is an online chess website aimed at all players, not just children. The KJCA team area is closed, but if playing others on the site then parents and carers must remember general internet safety and be aware of when your child is playing online.

Hope all our young players are enjoying online chess and that everyone is keeping well.

Institute of Chess Exams - February 2020

Congratulations to all those who took the latest Institute of Chess examinations which were held at coaching day four and the team training day in February 2020. 


We have had some great and busy coaching days this season, with a fun, relaxed atmosphere and everyone working hard to learn the chess content and this shows in great results.

Thanks to all the KJCA coaches: GM John Emms, GM Chris Ward, FM Alexis Harakis, Adam Bukojemski, William Jones, Joel Newman, Chris Rice, Jacob Watson and Mikey Watson. 

The results are: 

Level 5:

Distinction: Nour Ajili; Mateusz Bazan; Ankit Gaekwad; Aneesh Sagar; Teo Saunders

Merit: George Allen; Dmitry Belousov

Pass: Sanuvi Amarakoon; Mitullesh Engarshal

Level 4:

Merit: Scarlet Watson; Ryan Yuan

Pass: Johani Hackman; Sophia Li; Marco Neri; Arman Tengayev

Level 3:

100%: Aoife Gough

Distinction: George Crawford; Vir Dixit; Tarun Ganesh; Qixuan Han; Tessa Holland; Yixiang Li; Gaurav Manikandan; Dennis Matyukhin; Timothy McBride; Naima Mendjeli; Peter Ou; Rahul Sandhu

Merit: Rohan Akkineni; Grace Allen; Sid Dixit; Dylan Yan-Wei Tan

Pass: Daniel Chang; Alex Gao; Raif Mendjeli; Alana Patel; Mahit Reddy; Krish Shunmugam

Level 2:

100%: George Crawford; Naomi Mellor; Temir Tengayev; Luoke Wang

Distinction: Shambavi Arunkumar; Adrian Callan; Kian Dani; Qixiang Han; Ruohan Jiang; Mason Ou; Enoa Patel; Ayush Raichura; Sebastian Read; Piriyan Subrahmaniyam; Dylan Yan-Wei Tan

Merit: Amisha Perera

Pass: Sebastien Holowaty

Level 1:

100%: Udayiith Sivasubramaniam

Congratulations to all the young players and we hope they continue to enjoy playing and learning chess.

Take care. 



KJCA Online - 2nd & 3rd May 2020

KJCA Online chess tournament this weekend: May 2nd - 3rd 2020

Saturday 2nd May at 6pm on
A fast and furious Bullet Blast Arena - games 2 minutes + 1 and the arena is for one hour.
This is on and you need to be a member of the closed KJCA team on there to take part. Create a account and then please logon and request to join the team. You will need to add your real name so that I know who it is. Go to:

(PLEASE NOTE: is an online chess website aimed at all players, not just children. The KJCA team area is closed, but if playing others on the site then parents and carers must remember general internet safety and be aware of when your child is playing online).

Sunday 3rd May at 4pm on
A rapidplay tournament - 15 minutes + 10 seconds.
You need to be a part of the KJCA club on chesskid. So that we have permission to add you to the club then you need to add the email,, as a Secondary Guardian or Coach to your child's chesskid account. Then they can be added to the club.
The tournament is called 'Tournament for All' . When you click fast chess' it will be in the white panel on the right hand side. This will change to orange at 3.45pm and you must join by 3.57pm to play The pairings are automatic and the first round games start at 4pm.

Hope all our young players are enjoying online chess and that everyone and there families are keeping well.

Take care

GP5 at Sevenoaks School on Sunday 16th February 2020

A reminder that our GP5 tournament is this coming Sunday 16th February 2020, at Sevenoaks School, High St, Sevenoaks TN13 1HU

It would be good to see our young chess players at the event and we hope that it will be a fun day of chess and meeting up with friends.

Please register as soon as you can at:

It is great that we have a venue such as Sevenoaks School for our tournament.  
It is a large and prestigious school and there are always a lot of different events and activities going on, as well as some school boarders and young people on site.  Please ensure that everyone treats all facilities, classrooms and outdoor space with respect.  

Please take note the arrangements we have made with the school and ensure that they are followed: 

We have use of the Solefields car park, which is in Solefields Road, opposite the entrance to the school. 
Once parked, there is an underpass to walk across to the school buildings and Block D which is where our tournament and parents area will be.  

This is the only area in the school complex that we can use to park cars. Please do not use any other spaces. KJCA will have parking attendants on hand to help out and ensure that we are using the correct part of the school grounds.   

Alternatively, there are car parks in Sevenoaks town by the high street and it is a 5-10 minute walk to the school.
If coming by public transport, then Sevenoaks train station is about a 15-20 minutes uphill walk to the venue or there are several taxis based at the station. 

In between the chess rounds, please remember that parents and carers have responsibility for their children. 
Primary aged children should not be left alone, unless you have agreed direct responsibility with another adult / parent, and please ensure that you know where they are and that they are playing safely at all times.

The school has also said that there are no football or ball games allowed in the school grounds.
We will also have access to a catering area which will be where you can have food and drink  (not allowed in the classrooms).

We look forward to seeing all our young chess players on Sunday

Website update and maintenance - Please check user details

We are working on improving and modernising the KJCA website in the next couple of months.

As part of the updates, we hope to introduce a more streamlined registration process.  However, in order to do this, we will be cleansing the database of all old information and will also delete any young players that are not linked to a parent/carer that has a contactable email address. 

Please can you check that all user registrations on the KJCA website are up to date with the correct parents/carers name, email address and other details.  It is also important to ensure that your children and young players are linked to your account.  

To update you profile:
1.  Login with your registration details
2.  Go to the 'account ' tab in the menu bar
3.  Click on the 'update user profile' under the operations on the right hand side of the page.
4.  Update details as required
5.  To add children who are not linked with your account, choose your child using the drop down at the bottom of the profile page.
6.  Click save and exit

Please check profiles and update as necessary before the 18th of February, as we then start working on the database and improvements to the website. 

This will be followed by an email to all remaining users including further details of improvements and updated terms and conditions.  

Please note: All data that is currently on the KJCA website is what has been entered when registering for our events and coaching days and is in line with our website terms and conditions. 

If you would like help with updating or removing any details, please contact  


Success for Kent girls at the ECF National schools girls' semi finals

Congratulations to Violet, Aoife and Tessa from Amherst primary school for a fantastic 2nd place in the U11 section of the recent ECF National school girls' semi-finals and qualifying for the presitigious National finals.

Now in its sixth year, the girls competition goes from strength to strength, involving young female chess players from primary and secondary age groups with around 80 school teams competing each year.

The results for the U11 section were:  

1st North London Collegiate A – 14/15
2nd Amherst School – 12
3rd North London Collegiate D – 11.5
4th= North London Collegiate BNorth London Collegiate C – 11
6th North London Collegaite EPutney A, Bromley High – 10.5

Roxolana, Anjola and Naomi from Bromley High also took part and achieved 6th place in the tournament. 

Great results from all the Kent girl players that took part. 

Institute of chess results November 2019

Congratulations to everyone who took the Institute of Chess examinations which were held at CD2 on Sunday 10th November 2019. 


Everyone worked hard to learn the chess content and this shows in great results for all.  The certificates will be presented at the beginning of our next coaching day which is at Sevenoaks Primary School on Sunday 19 January 2020.   Young players took exams in levels 1, 2 and 3.  The results were:


Level 3Coaches – Adam Bukojemski and Alexis Harakis2 candidates 


Distinction:Marco Neri 


MeritSophia Li 


Level 2Coaches – William Jones and Jacob Watson16 candidates 


100% Vir DixitDennis Matyukhin, Sebastian McBride, Isaac Thompson 


Distinction:  Isabelle Chen, Javinesh Engarshal, Timothy McBride, Raif Mendjeli, 

   Nicholas Miller, Aneek Naik, Cillian Norris, Kavindu Perera 

Rahul Sandhu 


Merit: Bahaa Ajili. Daniel Chang, Sid Dixit 

Level 1Coach – Mikey Watson4 candidates 


100%: Mason Ou, Amisha Perera, Daisy Xiong 


Distinction Piriyan Subrahmaniyam 



GP3 to be held at Bullers Wood on Sunday 17th November

We look forward to welcoming all our young chess players to the KJCA GP3 tournament this coming Sunday 17th November at Bullers Wood School.  

There will be four sections, U9, U11, U18 Minor and U18 Major.

The venue is: Bullers Wood School, St Nicolas Lane, Logs Hill, Chislehurst, Kent, BR7 5LJ.

Please note: There is unfortunately no parking space in the school grounds on this occasion.

However, alternative parking is available on the surrounding roads such as: Park Farm Road, Westleigh Drive, St George's Road or on the main road Chislehurst Road which is fine for parking on Sundays.

Please ensure you arrive with a little extra time to be able to park on one of these road and walk into the school grounds. 

KJCA will have parking attendants on hand to help, please do take their advise and act responsibly.  We appreciate that there are a lot of families attending this event,

If coming by public transport ,then Chislehurst train station is a 15 minute walk from the school.

If your young chess player is planning to come along and you haven't yet registered, please do so at:

All go for the new season with GP1 at Tonbridge Grammar

The first KJCA tournament of the chess season was held on Saturday 28th September at Tonbridge Grammar School.  

This event is also a London Junior Chess Championships (LJCC) qualifier and so we had lots of strong competition across the younger sections of U8, U10 and U12. 

Also good to see our older players in the U18 minor and major sections where we changed to six rounds and new time-controls in order to bring into line with other junior rapidplay tournaments.  

The prizewinners in each section were: