KJCA Online - 2nd & 3rd May 2020

KJCA Online chess tournament this weekend: May 2nd - 3rd 2020

Saturday 2nd May at 6pm on lichess.org:
A fast and furious Bullet Blast Arena - games 2 minutes + 1 and the arena is for one hour.
This is on lichess.org and you need to be a member of the closed KJCA team on there to take part. Create a lichess.org account and then please logon and request to join the team. You will need to add your real name so that I know who it is. Go to: https://lichess.org/team/kjca

(PLEASE NOTE: lichess.org is an online chess website aimed at all players, not just children. The KJCA team area is closed, but if playing others on the site then parents and carers must remember general internet safety and be aware of when your child is playing online).

Sunday 3rd May at 4pm on chesskid.com:
A rapidplay tournament - 15 minutes + 10 seconds.
You need to be a part of the KJCA club on chesskid. So that we have permission to add you to the club then you need to add the email, jowildman@hotmail.com, as a Secondary Guardian or Coach to your child's chesskid account. Then they can be added to the club.
The tournament is called 'Tournament for All' . When you click fast chess' it will be in the white panel on the right hand side. This will change to orange at 3.45pm and you must join by 3.57pm to play The pairings are automatic and the first round games start at 4pm.

Hope all our young players are enjoying online chess and that everyone and there families are keeping well.

Take care