Institute of Chess Exam results - Spring 2017

The results achieved at the KJCA's Institute of Chess examination session held at Sevenoaks Primary School on Sunday 19th February are listed below.  Certificates will be presented at our GP6 tournament which will be at Tonbridge School on Sunday 5th March.

Many congratulations to everyone for all their hard work during the coaching days and examinations this season.

For those who were unable to attend coaching day 4 and would still like to take their examination, there is another opportunity on Sunday March 19th at Sevenoaks County Primary School.  Please confirm your attendance by emailing on and arrive between 11am-2pm in order to have sufficient time to be able to take your exam. 

Level 5: Coach – GM John Emms: 3 candidates 


Charlotte Bruce  


James Holmes 

Marius Kobler  

Level 4: Coach – GM Chris Ward and William Jones: 5 candidates 


Thomas Crawley-Boevey 


Laura Holmes 

Adam Sameen 

Shalini Subbiah 

Angus Warne 

Level 3: Coaches – Alexis Harakis and Rob Maguire: 23 candidates 


Theodore Panchev 


Herb Balaam 

Feihong Huang 

Ruilin Huang 

Kyle Karaman 

Yifan Luo 

Joshua Moisey 

Luke Penfold 

Harry Saddington 

Aryan Amit Sanka 

Anya Srivastava 


Nour Ajili 

Sanuvi Amarakoon 

Georgina Bruce 

Sebastian Cazac 

Ander Curley 

Yash Makhija 

Reuben Moisey 

Aneesh Sagar 

Sachin Subbiah 

Olly Thwaites 


Timothee Menoumba 

Ethan Patel 

Level 2: CoachesChris Rice and Mikey Watson: 9 candidates 


George Allen  


Eira Collacott 

Mitullesh Engarshal 

Alana Patel 

Danidu Perera 

Kevan Pussella

Vaidehi Varma 


Tinaye Menoumba

Alisha Patel  

Level 1: Coaches – Conrad Allison and Jacob Watson: 5 candidates 


Rylan Ntiamoah

Khushi Patel

Leon Pussella


Sanuthi Herath