Successful GP2 at Skinners school

The second GP of the season was held on 16th October at Skinners school in Tunbridge Wells.

It was one of our most popular tournaments ever, with over 130 young chess players taking part, enjoying both exciting chess matches and spending time with their friends.

GP2 is also a qualifier for the London Junior Chess tournament in the U8, U10 and U12 sections. Players who achieved 4.5 points or more in the U10 and U12 qualify for the major finals whilst those getting 3.5 or 4 qualify for the minor. In the U8 section those gaining 4 points qualify. The London Junior Chess Championship are held in Harrow, London in December.

The top three in each section were:

U8: 1st Xirui Mao (6/6), 2nd Roxolana Chaban (5/6), 3rd equal Ismail Longia-Zaidi, Yifan Luo, Joshua Moisey, Lavinia Fear and Leo Chatterjee (4/6)

U10: 1st Raghav Vaidya (5.5/6), 2nd equal (5/6) Danny Oprea, Suriya Velayudham and William Lau (5/6)

U12: 1st James Merriman (5.5/6) 2nd Ciaran Brightley-Davies (5/6) 3rd equal Shajahon Saidmurodov, Viktor Jamroz, Shlok Verma and Roshan Gurjar (4.4/6)

U14 (merged with the U18s): 1st Shreyas Royal (4/5) 2nd equal Nikhil Chidipothu, Orla Dorman, Jack Chaudhury and David Dallakyan (3/5)

U18: 1st Mikey Watson (4.5/5), 2nd equal Jacob Watson and Ximan Mao (4/5)

The best scoring primary school on the day (top three raw scores from pupils at that school) was The Pointers School and the best scoring secondary school was Knole Academy.

For more photos of the prize-winners, please see our facebook page at

Well done to everyone who played, from experienced county players to those at their first chess tournament. We hope you all enjoyed the day and look forward to welcoming you to more of our tournaments throughout the season.

A big thank you to all the organisers and volunteers who ensured that the day ran smoothly.

If any parents or carers are interested in helping at our tournaments or behind the scenes, please do get in touch. You can contact us via or directly to Jo Wildman, current chair of the committee, on or 07583337307.

Finally, a big thank you to the Skinners’ school for the use of their school, it is very much appreciated.