ACES Grand Master Junior Training Day

17 August 2016 at Langley Park School for Boys, Beckenham

GM Chris Ward will head a group of four coaches which will work with small groups of children to improve their chess awareness and skill in a fun environment.
We aim for small groups of about 10 so that we can dedicate enough attention to everyone, from experienced county players to beginners. Children will be divided in four skill groups according to ECF rating and chess experience. 
It is important to place the children in the right skill group to make sure they receive coaching at the appropriate level.
The groups are formed according to the following guidelines:
The top group would be appropriate for children who regularly play at county and national level, in junior and adult events, with a rating generally above ECF 120
The second group is for children who play tournament chess regularly at county level with the occasional foray into national and adult events, with a rating between ECF 80 and ECF 120.
The third group is reserved for children who have started playing tournament chess or are about to; they would already know all the moves and have a sound understanding of basic tactics and endgames. Their rating is usually in the range between 40 and 80 ECF.
Finally, our fourth group is for children who are learning to play chess and need help to refresh and understand basic tactics, endgame play and opening principles.
Please make sure you inform us of your child chess rating or experience when booking.

Numbers are limited, to book a place for your child, follow this link: