Top results for the Kent teams at the Junior 4NCL

The second Junior 4NCL weekend was held at the Park Inn Hotel, Birmingham over the 9-10th January 2016. The J4NCL is a team event, with five rounds of standard play chess over the weekend.
As usual, the standard of chess was high and there was lots of friendly rivalry among teams from around the country.

Well deserved congratulations to the Kent Kestrels who achieved a great result by winning division one with a decisive two point lead over the other teams.

The Kestrels team are: Mikey Watson, Jacob Watson, Alejandro Ito-Aramendia and Aurideep Nayak.

Also playing very well and chasing the silverware were the younger Kent team, the Desert Penguins, who played in division two and finished the competition in second place.

The Penguins are: Aadarsh Saravanan, Ciaran Brightley-Davies, Stakhey Sedykh, Arthur Chikovsky and Saahil Bansal.

Scarlet Watson was also at the tournament supporting the teams and playing some friendly reserve games.

Thanks to all the parents who brought their kids along for the weekend.

Also thanks to the organisers and arbiters at the J4NCL for another high quality and fun tournament. All the Kent players enjoyed some great chess, meeting up with friends from other areas, and being in a hotel with good facilities and a swimming pool.

To look at the individual results and for more details about the J4NCL, go to

The final J4NCL weekend for this season will be on the 12-13 March 2016, again at the Park Inn Hotel in Birmingham. If any other Kent players are interested in further details, please contact