Well done to the U12 & U16 teams at the NYCA

Well done to all the Kent Junior who played in the National Youth Chess Association U12 and U16 tournaments on Saturday 7th November.

The U16 team: Anantha Anilkumar, Francesco Bernardini, Jacob Watson, Aurideep Nayak, Alex Thompson, Mikayel Suvaryan, Ansh Batura and Siddarth Nair.

The U12 team : Ximan Mao, Mikey Watson, Bobby Akeya-Price, Nikhil Chidipothu, Charlie Metcalfe, Mahuaa Verma, Aryan Narayan, David Dallakyan, Ciaran Brightly-Davis, Ben Barton, Charlotte Bruce and Aditya Jain. Mihika Verma also played in the reserve section.

The day started early with the long journey up to Telford. Several of the team travelled together by train and unfortunately came up against the usual delays, so arrived at the tournament ten minutes after the clock had started ticking in the first round.

However, our keen young players didn't let this put them off, finishing the first round with a score of 6.5/12 for the U12s, putting them in second position, and the U16s gained a impressive 6.5/8 and led the competition.

The second round proved tough for the U16s who played head to head against Sussex and only secured 1 point. However, the U12s improved their scores and gained 10.5/12.

Then, re-invigorated by delicious slabs of Bobby's birthday cake, both teams produced their best chess in the third round. The U12s scored 10.5/12 to finish a magnificent 2nd overall and the U16s fought tenaciously against the ultimate winners, Cheshire & North Wales.

The final scores were:
1. Sussex 32.5
2. Kent 27.5
3. Cheshire & North Wales 18
1. Cheshire & North Wales 18.5
2. Sussex 18
3. Kent 10

For more details go to: http://www.ncjs.co.uk/nyca.html

A big thanks to all the parents and players for travelling to Telford and being part of another great tournament for the Kent teams.