GP 5 – Dulwich College – 2014/15

Our fifth GP of the 2014/15 season attracted a record turnout with 128 players participating across 4 sections. The event was held on Sunday 8 March 2015 at the historic and beautiful setting of Dulwich College.

A special mention and thank you must go to all the parents and children who volunteered their time to help out at the event – without your help and support we would not be able to run our GPs.


Congratulations to all the children who played at Dulwich, even though there were some old rivalries and some tough battles being fought across all the sections, the whole day was conducted in a very strong sporting-like atmosphere.


Special congratulations go in particular to the top three and prize winners in each section:

U9: 1st James Merriman (6/6), 2nd equal Ciaran Brightley-Davies, Dominic Coates, Arjun Javagal & Shlok Verma (5/6), the second place trophy going to Arjun and the third place trophy going to Shlok on the performance tie breaker.

U11: 1st Orla Dorman (5.5/6), 2nd equal Adit Bhavesh, Moad Shamekh & Yong Gui Wang (5/6) with Adit winning the second place trophy and
Moad the third place trophy on the performance tie breaker.

U14 (which was merged with the U18s on the day): 1st Nikhil Chidipothu (3.5/5), 2nd equal Huseyin Gueriane, Viktor Jamroz & Mahuaa Verma with Viktor winning the second place trophy and Huseyin winning the third place trophy on the performance tie breaker.

1st Girinath Haridas (4.5/5), 2nd equal Anantha Anilkumar & Francesco Bernardini. 

Top performing school groups were:

Primary: Warren Road (63.0)

Secondary: St Olave’s School (79.2)

Full cross tables can be found on:

Current leaders of the GP tables after this event are as follows:

U9: Yong Gui Wang

U11: Kiran Shiatis

U14: Anantha Anilkumar

U18: Rohan Shiatis

Primary: Home Educated (Primary School)

Secondary: St Olave’s Grammar

Full GP tables can be found on:

Many thanks to Dulwich College for accommodating us and for letting us use their beautiful school, and once again a big thanks you to all our volunteers.

Please note: GP 6 will be held at The Schools at Somerhill on Sunday 19th April 2015. We hope to see many of you there once again.


Best wishes