GP 5 - Important Notice for Parents

Due to high demand for our GP 5 we will be limiting entry to 140. If you are interested please sign up as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

The KJCA and its officials are unable to act in loco parentis for children. Parents/guardians are responsible for their children throughout the entire duration of this event. Children under the age of 8 must remain under sole parental supervision throughout but this supervision may be shared between adults in the case of children of 8 years old and over.

The KJCA is most grateful to all schools for the use of their facilities. Please treat the school premises with respect and please do not park on any school fields.

A high standard of behaviour is expected at all times. 

The KJCA and its officials accept no responsibility for any damage, theft or accident to the person or property of anyone attending this event.

Many thanks