Kent Success at the SCCU Championships Mar 14

Sunday 9th March 2014 - Kent U18 Major team take 1st place at SCCU tournament defeating stiff opposition from Sussex, Berkshire and Surrey. The Kent U18 minor team (mostly U11s) narrowly missed out on the top spot on tie-break to scoop second place and the Kent U14 Minor team fought bravely to take 3rd place in their competition. Congratulations to all our teams and players for playing consistently well and battling so bravely in each and every game!

The Teams (alphabetical order):

U18 Open, Anantha Anilkumar, Arul Gupta, Freddie Hand, Gautham Reddiar, Michael Green, Raunak Rao, Rohan Bansal, Yasmin Giles

U18 Minor: Alejandro Ito-Aramendia, Emily Green, James Maguire, Kartik Velayudham, Kiran Shiatis, Ximan Mao

U14 Minor: Aurideep Nayak, Gaurav Kocher, James Elgar, Jacob Watson, Mikey Watson, Nii-Akwei Carty Bing-Pappoe

Pictures and more detail to follow.