GP 4 Gravesend 2013/14

Our fourth GP was held on Saturday 15th February at Gravesend Grammar School and marks the half way point of the 2013/14 season. Please take a look at the GP tables to see how you are all doing.

Many braved the fierce storms to turn out in impressive numbers, making this another hugely successful KJCA event. Thank you to all the parents and children who kindly helped out on the day, any and all help is always much appreciated.

With 64 participants competing across four sections, the top two in each section were:

U8: 1st  Anika Roy (6 / 6), 2nd Mason Graves-Brown (5 / 6),

U9: 1st equal Shaun Pasari and Thomas Gardner (4.5 / 6),

U11: 1st Bridie O'Leary (5.5 / 6), 2nd Rikin Parikh (4 / 6)

The U10s were mergerd into this section: 1st Ben Barton (4.5 / 6), 2nd equal Matthew Dubery and Alex Garfield (4 / 6) 

U18: 1st Raunak Rao (5 / 5), 2nd Ximan Mao (4 / 5)

The U14s were merged into this section: 1st Ranesh Ratnesan (3.5 / 5), 2nd Jacob Watson, Zeeshan Kisat and Aurideep Nayak (3 / 5)

Primary School: Home Educated (58.2)

Secondary School: St Olave's Grammar (90.0)

Full cross tables can be found on:

Current leaders of the GP tables after this event are as follows:

U9: Ranesh Ratnesan

U11: Kiran Shiatis

U14: Anantha Anilkumar

U18: Raunak Rao

Primary School: Dulwich Prep London

Secondary School: St Olave's Grammar

Full GP tables can be found on:

Many thanks to Gravesend Grammar for accommodating us and also a huge thank you to all the many parents and children who helped on the day.

Please note: Our fifth GP, will be held on the 2nd March 2014 at Dulwich College. As usual you can enter online and we hope to see many (if not all) of you there.