Report from the second weekend of the London Junior Chess Championship – 28-30th December 2013

Fresh from the fun of Christmas festivities, some of the top Kent juniors travelled back to Harrow to participate in the second weekend of the London Junior Chess Championship Finals.  

This part of the competition included the U8 Final, where Kent was represented by Navienaah Haridas, Robert Akeya-Price and Anika Roy who all played some quality games and finished in the top half of the tables.

The U12 Major is one of the most prestigious and hard fought competitions in the junior chess calendar. After three days of intense games, Freddie Hand came out victorious with an outstanding score of 8 out of 9 points, not losing any games along the way.  Winning the tournament outright is a fantastic achievement.

Also playing quality chess in the U12 Major section were Ximan Mao, Francesco Bernadini, Nikhil Chidipothu, Emily Green and Mikey Watson.

The U12 Minor section saw great performances from Aurideep Nayak, Guarav Kocher and Alejandro Ito-Aramendia who all gained good results.

Michael Green played some strong games in the U16 Section and Girinath Haridas once again showed his chess skills by competing in the U18/21 Open.

The Harrow Christmas Congress was taking place at the same time and Jacob Watson played in the U125 Minor section, competing against both experienced adult players and chess parents practising their own skills.

Once again our talented Kent juniors showed they are among the best players in the country. Well done to everyone that took part.

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