Institute of Chess results

A huge well done to all of you who sat their Level 1 and Level 2 exams. The Institute of Chess report and results are shown below:

The results achieved at the KJCA’s Institute of Chess examination session held at Sandhurst Primary School on Saturday 30 November 2013 were as listed below. The certificates will be presented at the start of the KJCA Coaching Day at Sevenoaks Primary School on Saturday 18 January 2014.

Level 2: Coach – Robert Maguire: 11 candidates


Huseyin Gueriane


Kimball Catling

Francois Denaro

Matthew Dubery

James Holmes

Amjad Khan

Saajid Khan

Charlie Metcalfe               


Jai Singh Chaturvedi


Iris Davies

Laura Holmes


Level 1: Coach – Robert Maguire: 5 candidates


Jacob Bund

Theodore Panchev


Sophie Dubery

Suraj Meenaxi

Alfie Metcalfe